4 Oct 2020

Mumbai Indians Fan Quiz

By cricinsane

Mumbai Indians is the most successful franchise of the IPL having won the tournament a record 4 times. They have historically boasted of legends in the games bringing in a lot of fans to route for them every season. From Sachin Tendulkar to Ricky Ponting to Sanath Jayasuriya, Mumbai Indians have become an academy of legends and is known to nurture alot of players.
Here is a quiz from the vaults of MI that every MI fan must know and be able to go through. Here are 15 questions and let’s see how good a MI fan you are or have been over the Years.

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May the PALTAN be with you 🙂

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The Ultimate Mumbai Indians Fan Quiz

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Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard are top 2 run scorers for Mumbai Indians in the IPL. Who is the next highest run getter?

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Amongst the active players playing for Mumbai Indians, who is the highest wicket taker after Lasith Malinga and Jasprit Bumrah?

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Mumbai Indians was the name suggested by Sachin Tendulkar. What was the initial name suggested for the franchise?

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Only two overseas players have scored more than 1000 runs for MI. Kieron Pollard is one. Who is the other?

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Rohit Sharma made his debut as an IPL Captain for MI in 2013 and brought in a youngster who played his first ever IPL game the same day. Who was the youngster?

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In the successful IPL season of 2013 for MI, Who did Rohit Sharma replace as captain mid-way through the season?

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Which of the following players made his IPL debut in 2019 for an other franchise after being with MI IPL winning squad in 2017?

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Who among these was the 1st to captain the Mumbai Indians?

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Alzarri Joseph registered a record spell of 6/12 in 2019 surpassing Sohail Tanvir’s 6/14. Against which side did he achieve it?

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Which of these Bangladesh International Players was a part of Mumbai Indians squad in 2009?

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In one of the most memorable IPL games, Aditya Tare hit a six to help the Mumbai Indians complete a 190-run chase in 14.4 overs to qualify for the playoffs. Who was the Man of the Match in this game against the Rajasthan Royals?

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Who partnered Rohit Sharma for the highest Partnership recorded for Mumbai Indians?

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Under which head coach did Mumbai Indians win their first ever IPL?

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Who top scored for Mumbai Indians in the 2017 season when they won their 3rd IPL?

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Only two Indian bowlers have taken 5 wicket haul for Mumbai Indians. One of them is Harbhajan Singh. Who is the other?

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