27 Sep 2020

Chennai Superkings Fan Quiz

By cricinsane

For the most successful franchise of the IPL having qualified every single time, It is obvious to have a massive fan following. That the legendary MSD is their leader makes fans go gaga over their outlook.
Here is a quiz from the vaults of CSK that every CSK fan must know and be able to go through. Here are 15 questions and let’s see how good a CSK fan you are or have been over the Years.

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Created on By cricinsane

The Ultimate CSK fan Quiz

If CSK is in your blood, this quiz is for you.

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Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni are the two highest run getters for CSK. Who is the next best (IPL 2020 stats not considered) ?

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Which of these bowlers is the leading wicket taker for CSK across all versions of the IPL? (2020 statistics not considered)

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How many times has a CSK player won the Purple cap for the season?

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CSK have defended the the lowest IPL total successfully by defending 116/9 and defeating the opponent by 24 runs. The same opponents have been drubbed by them by the highest run margin in 2015 as well. Who is the opponent?

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Who scored the first ever run for CSK in the IPL?

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Against which team had CSK stacked their highest total of 246/5 in IPL 2010?

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Which CSK player has the fastest 50 in IPL?

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At which of these venues have CSK won an IPL final and lost an IPL as well?

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Which CSK bowler holds the record for most 4 wickets in an innings at the IPL?

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Who is the only CSK batsman to have scored centuries for the team in two different seasons?

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Which of these players have won an Orange cap playing for CSK?

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Which of the following bowlers have taken a hattrick for CSK In IPL?

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Which of the following players has NOT won an IPL with both Chennai SuperKings and Mumbai Indians?

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Which of the following feats have NOT been held by the Chennai Superkings?

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Which fast bowler was bought back by Chennai Superkings in the Auctions at 2019 after being released in 2018?

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