25 Sep 2020

KLassy Kings thump RCB and twitterati went berserk

By cricinsane

Inevitably, in life, like in all forms of sport too, it is peculiar for events, objects and people to not resist the change. The age old theory of friction keeps the resistance to change high. Principles of progress don’t change, but that’s because they are principles, the application in practice likely will. The universe doesn’t change, it expands. We change we learn and get older. All things change for they are made of particles which move and can react in contact with other particles. Life is change, energy is change, the universe is change. But what’s constant is RCB and collapses perhaps, or KL Rahul and serenity and poetry in motion perhaps.

When KXIP strolled their way out on being invited to bat first, a charged up RCB took the field hoping to do what the cricket verse considers impossible- Win back to back opening games. Umesh Yadav acted as the friction first. Dale Steyn followed suit too. And in an Year when perhaps everything is unsettled, those catches never settled in the safest pair of hands of King Kohli too. Too much friction to change of the same old RCB state. But if there is friction, there is heat. And hot it was, with every drive flowing out of KL Rahul’s bat, every nudge flying over cow corner, every punch through the leg side, the Ring of fire was oozing with heat of a KL Rahul in Red Hot Form who himself resisted the phenomena of not allowing RCB to be happy to let go another player who has taken leaps and bounds thereafter. He was the only thing to be described in that batting line up as he amassed two third of the team runs and walloped RCB to set them a target of 207.

With the batting line up RCB boast of, it was expected from them to deliver before Paddikal found out that Cottrell and Shami were no Sandeep Sharma or Natrajans, Finch found out his age old nemesis against traditional spin, ABD found out he is a human after all and Kohli found out that even 2020 won’t spare him the brunt.
The usual RCB phenomena did happen and they got drubbed by 97 runs and while that can take a toll on their NRR in the longer run, it is still early days for them to do the usual- Go back to the drawing board and look for options.

Here are key take aways from the game today:

  1. Win the toss and forget the Dew factor: The sides this IPL have been pertaining to the age old dew factor and unequivocally inviting the opponent to bat and as it is turning out, the dew factor is not playing the roles like it did in the subcontinent. The taboo needs to stop for now and sides have to forget dew and get their crew to apply themselves to get the best due.
  2. Catches win matches : The safest of fielders are now dropping easy chances and overall the fielding standards this IPL have been rusty. The players have to get their A game on the field. Ask VK, Ask KL.
  3. RCB and the right balance: RCB has to find a way to get ABD to keep wickets and get in Moeen and Morris over Steyn and Phillipe. Umesh Yadav has been pathetic with the wavering line and lengths and needs to be removed.

It was the age old RCB that took the field and when that happens twitter is on fire. Here are some of the best reactions from the game tonight.

While it was not a great contest today, we will be up with the best collections from social media for the game tomorrow when the Capitals take on the CSK. Stay tuned for updates.