23 Sep 2020

Twitter erupts as Archer, Samson blow CSK away in Desert Storm

By cricinsane

A great man once described that an opponent carrying no baggage and expectations is dangerous even if Goliath faces a David in a fist battle. That certainly came to the fore when the Royals whom nobody gave a chance knowing they are without the services of Stokes and Butler yet. There was no baggage or an expectation heavyweight or social media burst on this team and they were facing the team that’s everywhere in the news, social media and for all the good reasons. CSK, the giant that they have been with a GOAT headmaster at the helm was expected to steam roll the Royals in the familiar desert land that Indians have a fond memory of. But Cricket despite being the lovely, uniting emotion that it is, is a game at the end of the day, with Law of Averages at the core of the jamboree. If perhaps there was none of it, the IPL won’t have been the magnanimous giant that it is today perhaps.

Sanju Samson absolutely manhandled the CSK bowling in a quickfire innings of 74 off 32

Getting away from the obvious leaps the IPL and cricket has taken in the Indian courtyard, the IPL is renowned to produce Youngsters from all walks and corners of the country come hard at those who have a hard earned image and reputation at the game. It was Sanju Samson who took the showmanship to absolutely dismantle Piyush Chawal and Jadeja of all the hype around the CSK spin duo. While there was an onslaught from one end, there was a serene gritty calm at the other. Smith backed the rampaging youngster in the best of ways. Having lost their way in the middle, the game looked going to the wire until Jofra Archer decided to get another of his old random tweet hog the limelight with proper aid from Lungi Ngidi. A 30 run last over made sure CSK had to achieve the highest run chase of the IPL to register the second W.

Over the Years, if there is one thing Cricket fans have learnt is that you can deny CSK the equal probability of victory until the last bowl is bowled, no matter what the situation. But this game was a peculiar outlier from the others. An intent less Vijay, a warhorse Watson didn’t provide them the start they wanted. Curran, Jadhav and Ruturaj showed that when the required is 12+, the hit every ball ideology often consumes you. If there was one man people thought would take CSK over the line was MSD who strangely kept promoting everyone ahead of him. And by the time he arrived, it was the India v England game revisited. No intent from the main man at a time when the RRR was 16+ despite Faf’s brilliant onslaught really never helped the innings going. And the result was evident much before the game was actually finished and despite the margin showing to only 16, it was a one sided game for most of the second innings. RR make a winning start to their campaign and CSK strangely have been left stranded with having to figure of their team balance as far as bowling is concerned. Here are the key takeaways from the game last night.

  1. Sharjah, the Bowler’s graveyard: Sharjah has always been a bowler’s graveyard and with the power hitting game on a high and smallish boundaries and a flat deck, expect a lot of high scoring games at the venue. What is good though, each team plays 3 games at this venue and the onus is on the bowlers to contain as much as possible.
  2. CSK bowlers wrong length tactics backfire: On such a ground on a flat deck, instead of keeping everything away and on a good length, Chawla and Jadeja kept bowling in the arc and Samson kept dispatching it out of the park. What was really peculiar was that Dhoni didn’t figure this out early and when he did, the game was long over.
  3. Lack of bowling resources: Both teams surprisingly played with only 5 bowlers and that meant even if one has a day, you can’t turn to anyone else for the game. The need to increase the batting firepower should not come at the cost of bowlers. After all, it is rightly said, Batsman win you games, Bowlers win you tournaments.
  4. Scatchy Innings from CSK’s main men: Barring Sam Curran and Faf, all CSK batsman looked scratchy as admitted by MSD post match. The fire game was lacking and hence the intent. For CSK to do good, an in form Ambati Rayudu is absolutely crucial going forward.

With a below expectation game last night, fans and ex-cricketers were quick to take on twitter to try and decode the intent less MSD innings, the unprecedented onslaught by Samson and the carnage levied on the veteran CSK spinner and Ngidi. Here are some of the best reactions from the game last night.

After the Royal clash, we have a East vs West derby and it brings to spotlight the most anticipated and destructive batting order of KKR. We will do good to bring everything from that game. Stay tuned.