22 Sep 2020

AB Delivers and Chahal checkmates SRH

By cricinsane

As curious people might put it, It is doable to explain the big economic collapses of several countries from the past, doable to explain the 9/11 WTC collapse and still achievable to explain a deck of cards collapse, but to put SRH’s batting collapse into words is a task impossible. A brainfade moment in T20 cricket in 2020 was elusive and thanks to Johny Bairstow we now have that too.
2020 is a year that has given people who work hard their long elusive due. There was a Red team which hardly got their combinations right, had some of the legends of the game and yet failed to win the league despite ending 2nd best thrice. If liverpool can do it in 2020, so too can RCB. Atleast their loyal fans would like to belive this. For starters, RCB have started their campaign with a win and last they did that was when they reached the finals.

Out of the fantasy world and uncanny football comparisons, RCB finally achieved to do what they couldn’t for years- Get an Indian promising youngster to launch from the grandest stage. Devdutt Paddikal was like a breath of fresh air, so much so that the IPL nomad Aaron Finch played second fiddle to him. Having lost two wickets in quick succession, all hopes were pinned on their bail out package men and the way they started manipulating the field, it looked like we are up for a big finish. Kohli in trying to up the ante perished but ABD kept them soaring high and took them to a par score on the wicket. But Hey, what’s a par score with RCB? Nothing.

With a fragile SRH middle order with Marsh Injured, everybody knew it was the two talisman opening and Manish Pandey that could take them home. Warner got out in a way that nobody wants to ( is against the spirit of the game too for some English Journalists and who might now criticize Umesh for doing something in the same bracket what Ashwin did to Buttler. And that’s Pun Intended!). Bairstow and Pandey were cruising along and it looked the game was far from RCB grasp until the grandmaster Tiktok sensation, Yuzvendra Chahal gave them a check by dismissing Pandey and a mate by dismissing Bairstow and Shankar in the same over to seal the game. It has to be said that Navdeep Saini, if taken care well, will be a delightful aspect for the country with the way he bowled as well to wrap up things.

The otherwise animated Virat Kohli will be ecstatic with being on the right side of a close result who too managed his limited resources very well during the course of the game. For SRH, it is the same question that has haunted them for ages now- If no Williamson in the middle order, then who?

Here are some Key takeaways from the game:

  1. Rashid Khan needs support: There is no doubt about what Rashid khan can do with the ball but if the other bowlers don’t come to the party, it becomes that much easy for the opposite team to dominate the proceedings. Bhuvneshwar has to have a premium wicket taking IPL if the much hyped SRH bowling needs to justify the hype around it.
  2. Middle Order or Middle Disorder: For a third straight, SRH looks woefully dependent on Warner and Bairstow and two people alone cannot win you the IPL. Look no further, Ask Virat and AB. For SRH, it is an absolute must to find a way to play Kane Williamson even if that means on the cost of Nabi. They need the batting depth, now more than ever.
  3. RCB and limited resources: They bought Chris Morris for so much money but didn’t play him. And Washington Sundar is of no use to the current setup of RCB. Last he bowled his quote of 4 overs was 19 games ago and last he batted 5+ bowls was 17 games ago. With Steyn looking like a liability for the team, RCB should go back to the board to get in Chris Morris, get ABD to keep wickets and get in Moeen/Udana in place of Phillipe. Washington Sundar is doing them no good. Also time is running out for Umesh Yadav. He was absolutely wayward last night.
  4. The Due factor: A heavy amount of due last night meant it is only sane to keep limited spinners in the squad and look to bat second for the time due is on.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter over the #RCBVsSRH game last night

With Royals taking on the mighty CSK tonight, we are guaranteed of entertainment. We will bring exciting stuff from that game also. Stay tuned and Happy IPL 2020!