31 Mar 2019

Rabada and Prithvi ‘Show’ out-muscle Russell

By cricinsane

In a truncated version of the famous “Rise and Shine” monologue, it is believed for a group to prosper if they have experience enough but for a group to lead whilst being prosperous, requires the experience taking care of the vibrant starters that may someday take shape of an illustrious core. And isn’t this what Delhi Capitals of this Year is all about? With the likes of Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting taking care of the Sehwag and MSD of the future(Prithvi and Pant of the modern day game as they are known), this version of “Nayi Dilli” started on the expectations end of everyone in India. They have all the firepower to outfire any team this IPL and with their different heroes in this victory, they definitely have breathed in the franchise what seemed to be missing in the Delhi Daredevils- a collective channeled energy that promises to uproot the established. KKR looked undefeatable as was evident by their top position before the game. Today though, having lost half their side just for a shrewd 50, they required for a new showman to support their luminary who of course has forgotten what failure is. No matter at what stage KKR are, what their par score looks like, a magician twirls his wand to rope in a score to 180 whilst dismantling those who take immense pride in their bowling records they bear before the onslaught. Andre Russell, creaming the lambastic strikes to every distant part of the ground, calling out atrocities upon those who think they have bagged the warcoup already, unaffected by any shoulder bumps or strains of those wild swings, keeps the KKR faithful believing. At Kotla when he smashed his way to 28 ball 62, and got out(Yes, You read it right!), Dinesh Karthik took the charge with a 50, hardly demanding any limelight of it’s own. Despite controlling the first half of the innings, DC had eyes set on 186, which at Kotla is never an obvious win. But how the teen from Mumbai started, fearlessly, belligerent of the chase and dictated his own terms was a beckoning that kept Kotla going. Shaw and Iyer looked comfortable and in their own way kept the required rate at check until the Daredevil doppelganger of the Capitals came back to haunt them. How would they have managed to tie this game? Because of their own fault, false shots or say whatever you can. But it was that man, prickling out every last arsenal in a well laid masterstroke that brought this game to a super over doorstep. Dinesh Karthik, in a set up that backfires to the most of them, bought on Kuldeep to bowl when DC required 6 off 6. The field was set up for Vihari to nudge the ball on the leg side and Kuldeep with an unusual pace on his delivery foxed the batter to hit it to the man at the cow corner. The smile DK and Kuldeep shared after this dismissal simply stated Kuldeep was getting all the inputs from his keeper, like he does in India colours. It wasn’t supposed to come this far but who would KKR bowl in a super over. Prasidh Krishna, Seriously? The pitch that stopped being pacy with cracks widening as stated by Prithvi post match, made DK turn to the pacer that now had his “Unadkat V2017” like bowler with his variations as his trump move. He kept Pant, Iyer and Shaw (Indian Cricket Supporters! Your moment to take pride, this!) down to 10 runs and it looked like Russell would take two deliveries to finish the game. But Hey, IPL is not just about Indian Young talent, it’s a melting pot for all talent to blossom. It was now Kagiso Rabada’s turn to take the spotlight. The young pacer Justified all trust by bowling accurate, missile guided yorkers 6/6 times and when it comes to you at 150, there is not much you can do about it, even if You are Andre Russell. He too is a human after all ( Sighs ). A league’s success is predominantly dependent on how the uncanny, infamous, not known to the common man cricketers show up. And if that is the parameter, Samson last night and Shaw and Rabada this night have already accounted for the IPL to be hailed as the ‘Incredible Premier League’. The ‘Nayi Dilli‘ has caught the major attentions of the league usuals, how they cope with their rhetoric ploys for them now, is what is set to determine how far they go. If today was anything to go by, the Capitals are no short of arsenal to make their way through. But can they close these contests unlike they did today, remains to be seen.